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  • What is SIM4CREW?
Sim4crew Classic and SIM4CREW Data-Hungry are global SIM cards that connect seafarers to their families and provides voice, SMS & data in 150+ countries. It is used by 50.000+ seafarers worldwide

  • What kind of a device do I need to be able to use Sim4crew?
Sim4crew SIM cards can be used in all kinds of mobile phones, tablets, USB modems and hotspots.

  • What sizes does Sim4crew SIM card have?
Sim4crew physical SIM cards come in 3 sizes: Regular, Micro and Nano.

  • Do I need to register to activate my Sim4crew?
No. Your Sim4crew is already pre-registered which means you can start making calls or surfing the internet right away depending on whch card you need.

  • Do I need to keep a minimum balance on my SIM card? Will it expire?
No. You do not need to keep a minimum balance. Sim4crew SIM cards never expire which means you can go back home and use it even after 2 years, when you go back to the sea.

  • Does Sim4crew work in the middle of the sea?
Sim4crew SIMs need to receive a signal from a partner telecom operator to work. If you are close to land, you might still be able to connect. If you are very far from land, such as the middle of the ocean, Sim4crew will not work.

  • How do I apply top up / data-only package vouchers?
You can order your voucher by clicking <<here>>, your vouchor will be sent to you via email and/ or SMS.
You then enter the voucher on your phone's dial pad ending with the pound key (#) and press dial. The top up or the data-only package will be active in a few seconds.

  • What kind of top ups are available?
Sim4crew Classic can be topped up with regular pay-as-you-go credits for voice, SMS & data or data-only packages. Sim4crew Data Hungry can be topped up with data packages only.

  • Do my top ups expire?
Pay-as-you-go  top ups can be used for up to 2 years after being loaded into your SIM. Data packages can be used for 45 to 90 days after activation.

  • Can I add multiple data packages at the same time?
Only one data package can be active and available at any given time. Adding a new data package will remove any previous package on your SIM.

  • Can I have an active data package and active pay-as-you-go credits at the same time?
Yes. A user can have a data package and pay-as-you-go credits at the same time. If you are in a package zone, your data package will be deducted for your internet usage. If you are in a non-package zone, your pay-as-you-go credits will be deducted for internet usage.

  • What are the rates for using Sim4crew and which networks should I connect for correct use?
You can send us an email at <<Customer Service>> to request current rate sheets and available network list or you can see them posted on our website.

  • Does Sim4crew SIM card connect to networks automatically?
Yes. Sim4crew is programmed to find the right network and connect automatically.

  • Sim4crew cannot connect to some networks in some countries. Why?
There may be 2 possible issues: either we have blocked that network due to its high cost in order to protect you from losing money, or you may be in a remote place where the signal cannot reach your SIM card.

  • Sim4crew can not connect to a network even when it is not on your blocked list. Why?
If your Sim4crew does not automatically connect to a network, try to connect it manually.

On iPhone:
Step 1. Go to Settings
Step 2. Select Carrier
Step 3. Switch Automatic OFF
Step 4. Once the network list is loaded select one of our supported networks

On all other phones:
Step 1. Go to Phone Settings
Step 2. Go to Mobile Networks or More Settings
Step 3. Find Network Operators
Step 4. Search for networks
Step 5. Once the network list is loaded select one of our supported networks

  • How do I make a call with my Sim4crew Classic card?
You simply dial the number you wish to call with its country code ending with the hash (#) key.

  • How do I send an SMS with my SIM4CREW Classic card?
You simply send an SMS to the number with its country code.

  • How do I connect to the internet?
Once you insert your Sim4crew, it should automatically connect to the internet. If it doesn’t connect automatically, you will need to change your APN name in the phone settings. Your APN name must always be: globaldata

  • When someone calls me on my Sim4crew Classic crad, how will they be charged?
They will be charged by their local operator according to the cost of calling to the United Kingdom because your Sim4crew number will be a UK number starting with +44.

  • Can I use my favorite applications with Sim4crew’s internet?
Of course. You can use Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, YouTube, Skype, etc. You can basically use all your internet applications without any limitations.


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